The Quincy Sport line of functional equipment, established in 2011, melds passion, technology, and distinctive product design. This blend has led to the global availability of our products in 120 countries.

Our team at Quincy Sport includes Olympic medalists keen to impart their extensive knowledge to users. The product line is designed to cater to both professional athletes and beginners in functional training. Gym research shows that only 2% of people could perform exercises designed for other market-available equipment. To address this, Quincy Sport has focused on the other 98%, creating hundreds of exercises of varying difficulties for a wider audience, without compromising the needs of professional athletes. Our equipment is optimized for personal, circuit, and group training.

Moreover, a key aim is to allow users to customize equipment to their preferences and available gym space. This has resulted in over 1000 unique device configurations, all sharing a core attribute – exceptional functionality.



The Champions Ladder is an adaptable treadmill recognized as the most effective cardio device for calorie burning and enhancing aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

It is designed to cater to individuals who have a passion for sports, climbing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without distinction between professional athletes and amateurs.

During workouts, users can select training objectives, including simulating ascents of mountains, volcanoes, or buildings, or participate in group training sessions either at the gym or through the iChampion platform, which offers 3D Live Streaming and 3D VOD.

The Champions Ladder emerges as the ideal product at precisely the right moment. Its introduction aligns with the unprecedented popularity of climbing treadmills and all HIIT training devices, making it a highly sought-after choice.



IVE represents an outdoor recreational device designed for training, catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels, spanning from teenagers to seniors, and even professional athletes. What sets IVE apart is its pioneering load regulation system, providing a remarkably simple, swift, and secure method for users to adjust resistance according to their training capacity.

In the outdoor equipment market offering variable load solutions, competition is notably limited, with only four global companies offering similar innovations. This positions IVE as a unique and trailblazing addition to the fitness and training landscape.



iGreenMill stands as the world’s inaugural and sole outdoor curved treadmill, boasting a groundbreaking roller system that delivers an exceptional running experience, suitable for individuals of all ages, from children to adults and seniors.

The treadmill operates on a straightforward principle: you dictate the pace—accelerate, decelerate, or halt—as if it mirrors life itself, with you as the driving force behind the iGreenMill treadmill.

This innovative treadmill offers full control over your speed, thanks to a distinctive set of 32 rollers constructed from Italian stainless steel. These rollers collaborate with you, ensuring a professional-grade athletic experience. The perfectly curved running surface is thoughtfully designed to accommodate walking, running, and over 30 other exercises, offering unparalleled versatility in outdoor fitness.



The Clock Line represents Quincy Sport’s flagship product series, renowned as the premier and most exclusive offerings in their lineup. It prominently features the innovative Iron Halo System™, which has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to mounting supplementary accessories and training components. Each device within this line is adorned with a meticulously crafted hourglass made from stainless steel, often lauded by users as a true masterpiece.

The overarching concept has been meticulously engineered to ensure that its components converge harmoniously, resulting in the creation of the world’s most functionally advanced construction.



The Aquatic Ecosystem represents a groundbreaking and functional training system, offering an extensive array of product configurations tailored to meet users’ specific training requirements and space constraints.

Within the Aquatic Ecosystem, users can choose from a versatile selection of over 50 accessories and racks designed for the storage of training equipment.

This innovative system is fully compatible with a wide range of popular accessories, including TRX, Bosu, Basket Bullet, Reebok Step, CrossCore, Stroops, Vipr, and more, making it exceptionally adaptable and suitable for a diverse range of training regimens.



The Rehabilitation Circle™ represents an innovative and versatile medical device designed to facilitate comprehensive rehabilitation for elderly patients and individuals across all age groups in need of effective rehabilitation. This exceptional device is primarily intended for use in rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and physiotherapists’ offices.

In 2012, 122 Labs™ embarked on a global research initiative aimed at creating a product that would not only serve as a multifunctional rehabilitation device but also usher in a revolution in elderly exercise and healthcare. After five years of dedicated research and development, the Rehabilitation Circle™ was born, and in 2018, it garnered recognition from experts worldwide as the most significant global innovation in the field of rehabilitation.

This device is equipped with a safety strap that is activated when the system detects a user stumbling or falling. Additionally, it features a patented actuator system that allows users to effortlessly adjust the handrail settings with a single button on the main control panel. This user-friendly customization ensures the device’s utmost safety and ease of use.

Furthermore, the rehabilitation route on the Rehabilitation Circle™ device, along which patients move during their exercises, can be readily modified and adapted to meet individual requirements, even during the exercise sessions.

In terms of structural integrity, the Rehabilitation Circle™ is backed by a remarkable 21-year commercial warranty. This warranty commitment ensures that users receive a device of the highest quality and safety standards, guaranteeing peace of mind and long-term utility.



Basket Bullet balls have been meticulously crafted for individuals who draw inspiration from the lives of athletes. The development of these balls was rooted in a desire to create a product that truly distinguishes itself within the market. The project placed significant emphasis on drawing inspiration from the style associated with the NBA league.

Over the course of three years, a concerted effort was dedicated to ensure the highest quality, fine-tuning every detail, and meticulously addressing concerns related to the design, production process, and billing. This comprehensive approach was instrumental in achieving the ideal product, ready for production and market release.

Driven by a vision to cater to a broad audience while also fostering innovation, the creators sought to infuse these balls with a unique essence. The goal was to imbue the balls with a character that, when grasped in one’s hands, prompts contemplation—leaving individuals to wonder whether they hold a basketball or a medicine ball. This unique blend of design and functionality seeks to redefine the conventional perception of sports equipment.

Logo Credo Invest

Credo Invest

Credo Invest is an industry leader, specializing in advanced welding techniques, including TIG and MIG/MAG, with a primary focus on the production of stainless steel products. They leverage cutting-edge technologies such as laser cutting and CNC machining to achieve precision in metal processing. Their comprehensive services encompass various tasks, including grinding, metal finishing, drilling, and the shaping of pipes and profiles.

What sets Credo Invest apart is their unwavering commitment to innovation and the continuous enhancement of their production processes, all geared towards delivering products of exceptional quality. Whether it’s stainless steel or carbon products, their dedication to precision and excellence remains consistent.

For those seeking more information, Credo Invest’s official website serves as a valuable resource to explore their range of services and offerings.



Jurassic Gyms represents a modern outdoor fitness concept that incorporates cutting-edge IVE  training devices. This innovative approach to fitness has garnered significant attention from sports equipment experts, who consider it the gym of the future. Its relevance extends beyond the current pandemic, addressing the evolving health needs of societies both during and after these challenging times.

The global pandemic has had profound health implications, impacting not only during lockdowns but also in the post-lockdown phase. People initially ceased indoor physical activities due to infection concerns, and subsequently, many abandoned their regular training routines altogether. This disruption is evident in the staggering 60% decrease in the number of individuals engaged in fitness club activities worldwide. Industry projections suggest that this trend is likely to persist throughout the pandemic.

To counteract the declining health levels and the notable rise in average weight within populations, Jurassic Gyms is dedicated to providing effective training alternatives to the widest possible audience. This forward-looking initiative aims to reverse the concerning health trends and contribute to the overall well-being of local communities.

Furthermore, the Jurassic Gym initiative extends its commitment to the youngest members of communities, specifically children and teenagers aged 13-18. By granting access to comprehensive sports training, Jurassic Gyms seeks to instill healthy behavior patterns and promote lifelong fitness habits among this demographic.

In summary, Jurassic Gyms represents a paradigm shift in outdoor fitness, poised to reshape the way people approach physical activity and well-being, particularly in the context of the pandemic and its aftermath