All managers have extensive experience in the areas which they are responsible for. Our company clearly stands out from other companies in the sports industry with the skills, experience and diligence of decision-makers – such a composition took several months to select and was combined with an in-depth selection process.

Mateusz Lendzioszek – CEO and co-owner. In the sports industry from the age of 10. He trained weightlifting at the level of the World Championships and the European Championships, winning together over 100 medals at sports events of various importance. For several years, a multiple marathon runner (including Los Angeles and Warsaw). In the company, he is responsible for the development of new products and development strategy. He has visited 120 countries around the world and participated in sports fairs in over 70 countries.

Wiktor Kumala – Sales Director. He coordinates the entire global network of distributors. In the fitness industry for 15 years, he founded and developed several brands with supplements for athletes, both in Poland and Great Britain – in cooperation with and Food Mathers from the USA. In London, he also successfully participated in creating needs for the pharmaceutical market. Education in economics – “Controlling and management of corporate finances” – also allowed him to pursue Brand Management, coaching and franchise. He co-ran the franchise of the PKO SA bank in Poland. Excellent knowledge of the financial and fitness market. Very high interpersonal skills as well as know-how.

Damian Romanik – Operations Director. Education in logistics allows him to coordinate operationally all production and logistics activities in the company. He has been active in the sports equipment industry since he was 16, and got into into the age of 12 thanks to his dad, who has been in this industry for many years.

Karol Tyniecki – Technology Director. Education in the fields of machine design and production management. For many years, he held the position of a technologist at FORTE, where he was responsible for the coordination of production in 4 production plants. In private life, a big fan of the fitness industry and one of the few actively training technologists in the world, which allows the company to create amazing products not only from the visual perspective, but also from the biomechanical perspective.

Grzegorz Nieścior – the founder of Lux-Motor Oil, a company dealing in wholesale and retail sale of liquid fuels, which he developed operationally from the establishment to the sale of the company in 2015. In our company, he is responsible for building the domestic commercial sales department.

Marek Romanik – Production Plant Manager – in the fitness equipment industry for 15 years. In the manufacturing industry for 30 years.