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We want to give users around the world the first comprehensive and independent health application that will act as their doctor and will guide users to improve the health of both themselves and their families. We want to give a million owners of sports facilities and fitness clubs the opportunity to relieve them of the very high fixed costs of using existing applications to manage their facilities. We want to give the opportunity to reduce the cost of living for the elderly for hundreds of thousands of retirement homes and hospitals.


1) There are no applications that comprehensively manage the user’s health and act as their personal physician, highlighting possible problems and prescribing further diagnostics. 2) There are no analyzers of complete blood test results. People performing blood tests rely on minimal information found on the web about individual data of one of the parameters. 3) There is no free software for owners of sports facilities and fitness clubs, which means that clubs are forced to pay very high monthly fees.


The 122 Labs company solves all of the above problems. By creating a comprehensive and free application for managing sports facilities and fitness clubs, we will have access to millions of users of these clubs, who will automatically become active users of the Life Ecosystem application. In the application, users will not only be able to manage their profiles in fitness clubs, but above all they will have access to comprehensive diagnostics, including the first and very extensive blood test results analyzer that will analyze all blood parameters in terms of their relationship. Users of sports facilities and fitness clubs are active people with extensive pro-health thinking – the application will give these people the world’s first comprehensive control of their health from every angle – in sports, fitness, rehabilitation and, above all, health.

The team of founders was created organically following other joint projects – including companies that sold products to over 120 countries around the world and were often the forerunner of entire fitness fields – e.g. functional constructions or outdoor treadmills:

Ive Outdoor –
iGreenMill –
Quincy Sport –
Champions Ladder –
Aquatic Ecosystem –
Puzzling Flooring –


All managers have extensive experience in the areas which they are responsible for. Our company clearly stands out from other companies in the sports industry with the skills, experience and diligence of decision-makers – such a composition took several months to select and was combined with an in-depth selection process.

Mateusz Lendzioszek – CEO and co-owner. In the sports industry from the age of 10. He trained weightlifting at the level of the World Championships and the European Championships, winning together over 100 medals at sports events of various importance. For several years, a multiple marathon runner (including Los Angeles and Warsaw). In the company, he is responsible for the development of new products and development strategy. He has visited 120 countries around the world and participated in sports fairs in over 70 countries.

Wiktor Kumala – Sales Director. He coordinates the entire global network of distributors. In the fitness industry for 15 years, he founded and developed several brands with supplements for athletes, both in Poland and Great Britain – in cooperation with bodybuliding.com and Food Mathers from the USA. In London, he also successfully participated in creating needs for the pharmaceutical market. Education in economics – “Controlling and management of corporate finances” – also allowed him to pursue Brand Management, coaching and franchise. He co-ran the franchise of the PKO SA bank in Poland. Excellent knowledge of the financial and fitness market. Very high interpersonal skills as well as know-how.

Marcin Skonieczny – IT director. Programmer with over 20 years of experience. His portfolio includes the creation of several dozen mobile applications commissioned by other companies – including for global IT companies.

Damian Romanik – Operations Director. Education in logistics allows him to coordinate operationally all production and logistics activities in the company. He has been active in the sports equipment industry since he was 16, and got into into the age of 12 thanks to his dad, who has been in this industry for many years.

Karol Tyniecki – Technology Director. Education in the fields of machine design and production management. For many years, he held the position of a technologist at FORTE, where he was responsible for the coordination of production in 4 production plants. In private life, a big fan of the fitness industry and one of the few actively training technologists in the world, which allows the company to create amazing products not only from the visual perspective, but also from the biomechanical perspective.

Marek Romanik – Production Plant Manager – in the fitness equipment industry for 15 years. In the manufacturing industry for 30 years.



There are over 1,000,000 such objects in the world. The facilities have an average of 2,500 members (from 1,000 to 15,000), which makes up the number of active conscious users of these facilities in the amount of 2.5 billion people, which translates to about 30% of the population. In Scandinavian countries, Western European countries or the United States, this ratio is up to 60% (people who pay for physical activity). An additional advantage of this community is their health awareness and willingness to pay for their health, which will contribute to high activity in the Life Ecosystem application.


According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 2.4 million people worldwide living with a disease that requires rehabilitation.
Other main conclusions of this report:
1) The need for rehabilitation worldwide is expected to increase due to changes in health and population characteristics. For example, people live longer but suffer from chronic diseases and disabilities more often.
2) Currently, the need for rehabilitation is largely unmet. In some low- and middle-income countries, more than 50% of people do not receive the rehabilitation services they need. Rehabilitation services are also among those health services that have been most disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Percentage of people in
the world with a disease that
require rehabilitation


The average life expectancy in the world is rising rapidly, and the largest investors in the world are increasing their investments in companies working on extending life, which will contribute to an even greater acceleration in this area (for example, Google and its company Calico Labs). What is in the future?
– increase in life expectancy from 68.6 years in 2015 to 76.2 years in 2050,
– increase in the population of +65 in the USA, from 48 million today to 88 million in 2050,
– increase in the global population of the oldest people aged +80, from 126.5 million in 2015 to 446.6 million in 2050,
– increase in the population of the oldest people aged 80+ in some regions of Asia and Latin America, quadrupling by 2050.
* according to the report: An Aging World: 2015


The 122 Labs brand is in the development phase and has not conducted sales activities, which are scheduled to start in April 2023.

A great success that we have managed to achieve so far is Google US getting interested in us (without us applying to them) and obtaining from them funding for their services in the amount of USD 200,000 (for 2 years) and additionally unlimited assistance of Google US specialists in order to release of our mobile application. Such attention and official granting of funding proves the great potential of the application, which was confirmed by scheduling further talks with Google US, due to take place on April 10, 2023. Google US pay special attention to the innovative model of “selling” applications, which consists in turning upside down the huge market of paid applications for managing a million sports facilities in the world (100% of these are paid applications) and offering the owners the possibility of using the application for free, which in post-pandemic times is a huge relief from fixed monthly costs.

The 122 Labs brand has also sold several Rehabilitation Circle devices in the test phase to hospitals/clinics/retirement homes in 5 countries around the world, and it collaborated with the following institutions.


122 Labs will have several different sources of revenue:


The app’s revenue will be generated from ads and paid app extensions. The application for fitness clubs is free, but members of these clubs will see advertisements displayed in the application. In addition, users will be able to obtain paid extensions related to advanced diagnostics or to increase the space for data.


Revenue of the company’s production department will be based on the revenue from the sale of rehabilitation equipment to external recipients. A large source of revenue for this department will be the supply of equipment to our rehabilitation clinics – either to our own clinics or later to clinics operating on a franchise basis.


Revenue of the diagnostic equipment sales department will be based on the sale of devices both in various standard sales channels and among millions of active users of the Life Ecosystem application.


Revenue from the department of rehabilitation clinics depends on two business models:
a) OWN CLINICS – Revenue from this segment will be based on revenues obtained from services provided in clinics.
b) FRANCHISE CLINICS – Revenue from this segment will be based on revenue generated from:
– fees for joining the network – one-time,
– franchise fees – monthly
– profit from the production price to the selling price of the clinic equipment, which will be based in 80% on own products,
– later – from the profit from the model of financing clinic openings, proposed to owners of franchise units.



Completion of the application
0 $
Completion of development works and ordering the first 1,000 diagnostic devices from each product group
0 $
staff costs in the period 03/2023 – 08/2023
0 $
Construction and design works in the period 03/2023 – 08/2023 used to expand the application with new functions
0 $
Opening of the first two rehabilitation clinics
0 $
Registration of companies and creation of an organizational structure in the United States and Poland
0 $
Construction and design works in the period 03/2023 - 08/2023 to increase the brand's product range
0 $
Backup costs – about 10% of all financial needs
0 $


In the Pre-Seed round, we plan to raise an amount of 0,5 million to 1,5 million $.


The company raised capital from its owners and financed the development of the 122 Labs brand from the resources of previous activities. The total investment in the company and its products has so far amounted to approximately USD 0.4 million.


The 122 Labs brand has not kept separate accounts so far and was financed from the funds of previous operations, so it is impossible to determine the financial results. The fact is that the 122 Labs brand has not been profitable so far, because it is still in the development phase and, apart from the sale of several pre-production and test devices, Rehabilitation Circle has not had and was not supposed to have any revenue at this point.

Registration of company structures in Poland
Registration of company structures in the United States
Ordering the first test devices for health diagnostics
Obtaining the first funding in the Seed round in the United States
Launch of the Life Ecosystem application
Ordering the first production series of diagnostic devices
Opening of the first demonstration rehabilitation clinic in Poland, 122 Labs Clinic - Warsaw
After 6 months from the launch of the application, acquiring 5% of fitness clubs and recreation and service points in 3 countries - the United States, Great Britain, Poland, which translates into about 6,500 facilities with an average of 3,000 users (~20 million)
Opening of the second demonstration rehabilitation clinic in Poland, 122 Labs Clinic - Gdańsk
Opening of the first demonstration rehabilitation clinic in the United States, 122 Labs Clinic - Nashville
After 12 months from the launch of the application, acquiring 15% of fitness clubs and recreation and service points in 3 countries - the United States, Great Britain, Poland, which translates into about 20,000 facilities with an average of 3,000 users (~60 million)
Opening of the second demonstration rehabilitation clinic in the United States, 122 Labs Clinic - Palo Alto

1) Below we present the target capital structure of the newly separated company. The structure does not include shares purchased by the first investment fund, which will be allocated from the pool of shares of the main shareholder.
2) Shares assigned to “medical authorities” will be distributed to doctors with whom we are negotiating to join the company. Details of the talks will be provided later in the talks. The medical team will be international – each of the doctors not only represents a different field of medicine, but also a different country.

3) Structure:
48% – Ive Outdoor sp. z o.o.
8% – Wiktor Kumala
8% – Marcin Skonieczny
8% – Gunnar Peterson
4% – Damian Romanik
4% – Medical authority in the field of rehabilitation
4% – Medical authority in the field of geriatrics
4% – Medical authority in the field of cardiology
4% – Medical authority in the field of hematology
4% – Medical authority in the field of gerontology
4% – Medical authority in the field of oncology

* Gunnar Peterson – the most famous celebrity coach in the world, fitness coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, with 40 years of experience in the fitness industry, which he co-created from the very beginning.


The main product from the rehabilitation department – created a few years ago in cooperation with a professor from the University of Wuppertal, who conducted 14-year research on reducing the cost of living in retirement homes in Germany. In his research, he discovered that providing elderly people with daily and safe movement will reduce the cost of living for these people by 65%, which is due to the fact that people who will be active for longer will get sick less often (reducing the cost of medicines) and will not need anti-bedsore patches (which very expensive and account for up to 30% of all maintenance costs).

The Rehabilitation Circle device was created with the concept of developing in the retirement home market, but the versatility of the device that came out in the design phase also allows it to develop in markets such as: rehabilitation clinics, physiotherapist offices, hospitals, fitness clubs, local training centers.

For more information, please visit: www.122labs.com/rehabilitationcircle



The competitive advantage is not only the easy and trouble-free acquisition of users, but above all, the fact that they will be active and aware users who regularly have to run the application to be able to manage the training diary, training plans or group exercises.

Our team, which is responsible for creating innovative products in the fitness industry (and even for spearheading certain areas of fitness, such as functional structures, which we created as the first in the world in 2012) and their subsequent sale to over 120 countries around the world, guarantees effectiveness in terms of development applications as well as in terms of acquiring active users.


– The competition for our application “sales” model is other fitness club management software available on the market, the largest which are: Mindbody, Wodify, ZenPlanner, Perfect Gym. – There is no competition for our blood results analyzer. – The competition for our rehabilitation equipment department is: h/p/cosmos, Hocoma, Reha Stim. – The competition for our diagnostic devices department is: iHealth Labs.

Mateusz Lendzioszek